A photobook of World Championship winning cars in the form of scratch-built models



A photobook measuring 18x18cm containing 22 pages with pictures of scratch-built models of all 60 World Championship winning F1 stock cars between 1955 and 2013, together with a brief background to the Championship and some random facts.

The front cover has pictures of the multiple world championship winning cars of 53 John Lund, 1/391 Stuart Smith Snr, 1/391 Andy Smith and 1/33 Peter Falding and the back cover has pictures of the cars of the only three drivers to win three Championships in succession.

The photobook is priced between £10 and £20 depending on which of the three cover versions required i.e. softcover, hardcover with image wrap or hard cover with dust jacket.

It can be ordered direct from blurb.com by using the link below where a preview of the content can be seen.


This handy-sized photobook will provide a ready reference for those wanting information about World Championship winning cars.

In due course I will be making a model of the 2014 World Championship winning car and a picture will be posted on this site. Purchasers of the photobook will be able to download the picture, print it out and paste it on one of the blank pages at the back of the book. UPDATE NOVEMBER 2014: model completed and pictured on the Home Page. Download and print a picture to insert in the photobook.