General items of interest relating to F1 stock cars


It's always a pleasure to be able to encourage the entrepreneurial talents of a young stock car enthusiast.

Eddie Collins aka 'Fast Eddie' from Yorkshire is not only a Mini Stox driver but a long-time Lego devotee who constructs replicas of various BriSCA F1 stock cars and even the coaches that transport the stock cars. Examples of his work can be seen on his Facebook page Brisca F1 Lego Stox - it is well worth a visit.

Recently, he has turned his attention to producing a limited run of F1 stock car Lego kits and so far has two cars available for sale. They can be seen in the picture below:

Each model is professionally presented in a robust cardboard box that contains the Lego pieces inside a sealed polythene bag and clear, pictorial building instructions. The finished car measures approximately 11cm x 5.5cm and 5.2cm tall. It looks the part and is a credit to Eddie's Lego building/designing skills.

Details of the cost and how to acquire one or both of the models can be found on Eddie's Facebook page - Brisca F1 Lego Stox.

I'm delighted to have these models as part of my extensive collection of F1 stock car memorabilia.